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Connecting the Dots in a World of Uncertainty

Global and domestic economic cycles and financial, commodity and currency market trends are constantly present regardless of what’s heard in the media. Understanding global market cycles and what we can learn from their behavior is the first step for success. Trends in global economies and markets have a direct affect to your bottom line whether you are an investor, trader, advisor, business owner or student. Best to align with natural cycles. Fall of ancient civilizations can tell us quite a bit about our current modern economic and political societies. Presentation includes historical and up to date global and domestic economic and financial charts which are put into context as to current economic and financial cycles. Historical charts and graphs help visualize where the global and domestic economies have been along with the financial, commodity and currency markets, and where they may be heading.

You will learn:

  • Current Global Economic and Market Trends
  • Deciphering the Financial System
  • How History Can Predict Future Trends
  • Nature’s Role in Engineering the Markets
  • Understanding the Reality of Economic Data
  • What’s Behind the Meaning of Modern Portfolio Theory
  • What Happened in Past Market Manias
  • What Caused Ancient Civilizations to Fall
  • How Cycles Relate to Global Markets and History
  • Short-term Engineering of the Markets
  • History of the U.S. Banking System
  • Hope and Fear in Rising and Declining Markets
  • What to do Right Now